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Learn the Sophisticated Skill of Family Sport Fencing

Learn the age-old art of Sports Fencing at the Berkeley Sport Fencing Center

Sport Fencing is a fun, exciting sport that is ideal for the entire family. Sport Fencing has a rich, gallant history, with roots in Egypt, Spain and France. Originally designed for battling, it was redesigned as a sport during the Renaissance. Once exclusively popular with aristocracy, Sport Fencing has become an exclusive sport that instills fundamental characteristics in participants, such as balance, cardiovascular and physical strength, coordination, chivalry, gamesmanship, mutual respect, and many other important behavioral and physical merits.

At the Sport Fencing Center in Berkeley, highly-skilled teachers instruct the respected sport to family members of all ages, and all skill levels. Beginning students learn basics, such as proper stance, footwork, blade work, tactics, and introduction to foil fencing. Children learn beginner Swashbuckling, a program designed to bring enjoyment to younger fencers, while learning important traits such as cooperation, sportsmanship, motor skills, agility, tactical thinking and mutual respect. Classes are taught in a non-competitive atmosphere, where new positions, such as en guard, advance, retreat, lunge, and advance lunge fundamentals are taught.

While beginner courses can be taught to all ages, intermediate, advanced and competitive programs provide opportunities for match competition. Advanced foot and bladework, proper posture and advanced techniques are taught at these levels, reinforcing the age-old style and grace of original Sport Fencing. Competitive programs are perfect for dedicated Sport Fencing athletes, ages 8 and above, who want to participate in Sport Fencing at a local, regional, national, and collegiate level. Here, students learn progressive footwork, partner drills, bouting, conditioning, and other skills. The Sport Fencing center conducts individual lessons, fencing camps, workshops, party and corporate events, home school, and matches to promote fun, family-oriented Sport Fencing. For Sport Fencing for the entire family in Berkeley, Richmond, Albany, Piedmont, Alameda, San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding areas, call the Sport Fencing Center today at (510) 528-5110 or visit today.

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