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Berkeley Fencing Sword

Use a Sports Fencing Sword at the Sports Fencing Center in Berkeley

The Sports Fencing Center teaches Sports Fencing classes to students of all ages

At the Sports Fencing Center in Berkeley, highly skilled Sports Fencing trainers teach the use of a Sports Fencing sword to students of all ages. The history of the Sports Fencing Sword is interesting. The earliest fencing swords used for sport date back to 1200 B.C. in Egypt. Research will uncover images of combatants using sharp, stabbing weapons with knobs on one end for easy handling and control. As early as 1500 B.C., Europeans fashioned swords from bronze, grips designed for one hand, leaving a soldier’s remaining hand for a shield. Early swords were designed for cutting, rather than thrust, and were sharpest along the edge and somewhat rounded at the tip. Contemporary Fencing Swords have a sharpened tip and less sharpened blade.

In the 5th century A.D., fighting armor began was vastly improved. The slicing part of swords were rendered less effective. Sword-forgers began to focus on the tip of the sword, sharpening it to optimize the stabbing characteristic of the weapon. The fencing sword became the weapon of choice for personal protection instead of the battlefield. The hilt was designed around the grip as the sword became popular for sport, creating protection for the sword bearer’s hand.

If you are looking for healthy family fun, sign up for classic Sport Fencing classes. Sport Fencing is a fun, exciting sport, ideal for the entire family. Sport Fencing has a rich, chivalrous history. Originally designed for battle and self-defense, Sport Fencing was reformed as a sport during the Renaissance. While Fencing was once an exclusive sport, popular with the aristocracy, it has since become a trendy sport that teaches unique and fundamental skills in life-improvement elements, such as balance, mobility, grace, coordination, tactical thinking, chivalry, gamesmanship, self-confidence, mutual respect, and many other important skills for use in all aspects of life at every age. For Sport Fencing classes in Berkeley, Albany, Oakland, Piedmont, Alameda, Moraga, Tiburon, Hercules, Lafayette, Pinole and the San Francisco Bay Area , call or visit the Sport Fencing Center today:, (510) 528-5110.

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